Gas Sweetening

Technology Overview Project Case

HP-AmineTM gas sweetening technology, with HP-amine series solution as the absorbent, under the condition of high pressure and low temperature, the absorbent and natural gas contact in a countercurrent way, the natural gas will be absorbed by absorbent by mass transfer and chemical reaction, to achieve the purpose of purification. The absorbent absorbed acid gas, after pressure reduction, desorption of the acid gas  by heating, realizes regeneration and reuse.  

Working Conditions and Application Areas

  • Applicable gas capacity: 5*104Nm3/d~2000*104Nm3/d

  • Purification of product gas(H2S CO2 content): as low as 1ppm

  • Applicable gas source pressure: 0.1~25MPa

  • Applicable gas temperature: 10~80 ℃

Application Areas:

  • gas purification for oil and gas field

  • natural gas purification for power plant

  • LNG feed gas depth deacidification

  • coal gas purification

  • selective removal of hydrogen sulfide