Establishment of Chengdu Sepmem Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Developing China’s first methanol synthesis membrane separation based H2 recovery device



Developing China’s firs tandem type methanol synthesis system

Developing China’s first set of membrane separation-based CO purification device



Developing China’s first set of methanol synthesis device featuring natural gas carbon addition membrane separation based hydrogen recovery

Developing China’s first device of amine-process natural gas removal of CO2



Providing natural gas CO2 removal device by MDEA process for CNOOC(Indonesia) Co., Ltd.



Developing China’s first set of polysilicon tail gas recovery unit

Developing China's first large-scale membrane method natural gas decarbonization device 



TEG dehydration plant for Sinopec Puguang gas field Sichuan-east gas transmission project was completed and put into operation

Hydrogen chloride & H2 dehydration unit for LDK Solar was completed and put into operation



China’s first unit of synthesis gas to natural gas for  China National Coal Group was completed and put into production.



Developing China’s biggest LNG pretreatment device for Ansai LNG peaking shaving gas station

Establishment of Yongjing Sanxia Sepmem Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Co., Ltd.



Developing China’s first TEG dehydration unit applied in coal-to-natural gas project.

Developing China’s first LNG terminal BOG re-liquefaction plant

Establishment of Chengdu Sepmem Energy Co., Ltd.



Establishment of Xinjiang Sepmem Energy Co., Ltd.

Establishment of Yongjing Jieanda Transportation Co., Ltd.



Sepmem Energy and Baosteel established a joint venture to develop LNG steel logistics in Xinjiang Autonomous Region