TEG Dehydration

Technology Overview Project Case

TEG is short for triethylene glycol. TEG dehydration technology is solvent absorption dehydration. During the process, under the condition of high pressure and low temperature, TEG solvent absorbs the water of the natural gas. And then the water is released from the solvent by pressure reduction and temperature rise. The TEG realizes regeneration and recycling.

Working Conditions and Application Areas

Working Conditions:

  • Applicable gas capacity: 5*104Nm3/d~3000*104Nm3/d

  • Required H2O dew point drop: 30~70℃

  • Applicable gas source pressure: 1~25MPa

  • Applicable gas temperature: 10~60 ℃

Application Areas:

  • Natural gas dehydration for oil and gas field

  • Dehydration of shale gas

  • Dehydration of coal bed gas

  • Dehydration of SNG