MRC Technology

Technology Overview Project Case

Mixed refrigerant cycle(MRC), with mixed refrigerant of C1 to C5 hydrocarbons, N2 and several other compositions as the working medium, performed condensation, evaporation, throttling expansion step by step to obtain different temperature levels of refrigeration capacity, in order to achieve a gradual cooling and liquefaction of natural gas that has been purified by deacidification and dehydration. 

Working Conditions and Application Areas

Working conditions:

  • Applicable gas capacity: 1×104 Nm3/d ~ 300×104 Nm3/d

  • Temperature of LNG can be as low as -162℃

  • Applicable gas pressure: atmospheric pressure ~8.0MPa

Application Areas:                                 

  • Liquefaction of oil & gas field associated gas

  • Liquefaction of shale gas

  • Liquefaction of coal bed gas

  • Liquefaction of SNG

  • Liquefaction of PNG

  • Liquefaction of methane-rich purge gas

  • Liquefaction of coke oven gas